BiDi Support

BiDi Support

Postby genghiskhan » Fri Jul 19, 2013 6:09 pm


I am, along with others, a translator of QutIM in Hebrew.

This is a request to add BiDi support (e.g. Arabic against English and English against Arabic).

A document suggests BiDi implementation for chat programs was made at after a partial support for messages ("regular messages") has been added into Gajim.

There is a function in Gajim called i18n.paragraph_direction_mark but I do not know where a similar function is available for Qt.

Concerning to Banner, Popup notification and Join & Leave there is in Qt a class to recognize "LayoutDirection" and set layout direction "widget->setLayoutDirection(Qt::LeftToRight);" which should be easy.

Qt::LayoutDirection QApplication::keyboardInputDirection () [static] ... ction-enum ... efttoright

i18n.paragraph_direction_mark of Gajim ... ction_mark

More information
Right-To-Left Text in Markup Languages
Handling Right-to-left Scripts
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