About qutIM

The ultimate truth displayed on this page.

qutIM — is firstly Open source and free multiprotocol Instant Messaging client. With qutIM you can send and receive messages, participate in group conferences, make video and audio calls (It appears to come in 0.4) and write to different microblogs and social networks.

qutIM — Extremely extendible client. The suitable API and good documented code makes it easy to write plugins in C++/Qt or Javascript.

Интеграция с Unity Полноценная интеграция с Unity
MeeGo Harmattan Вы можете использовать qutIM на ультрасовременной системе MeeGo
Шиндошс Интеграция в OS Windows 7
Темы чата Adium Полная поддержка тем от Adium